S.H.E paint night!

Last night (October 3rd) we had a S.H.E paint night, where each of the girls painted whatever was impressed on their heart to translate on their canvas. 10 girls showed up (which doubled from the first SHE rendezvous!) and got vulnerable enough to create, even those who’ve never painted before.

I spoke about creativity a tiny bit and how powerful it is. Especially since Papa (God) first showed us His creative side. There’s something so powerful in that truth alone and I’ve yet to gain all the revelation on it but still! Hah

Those girls paintings were crazy amazing. Yes. The ones who never painted.. Or said, ” I can’t do this..” Etc. the pictures they expressed on that canvas were totally Holy. Everyone got to share the purpose of their painting and it just released so much breakthrough in the atmosphere. It was definitely an awesome time together. Each one walked out with a smile on her face and a piece of prophetic art for their room to remember the night by.

I love this. Thank you Jesus!

– Tanisha Poni


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