Look at me

90% of Americans have them. 

Majority of that 90% are multitasking whilst using them. 

30% say they can’t live without it. . . 

Women use it 3 hours more a day than men.. 

You guessed it didn’t you? 

Cell phones. Smart phones. Whichever phone. 

It may seem like those percentages aren’t bad at all considering the modern age we live in and the place technology has taken the entire world these days. 

It’s great at keeping everyone in touch who may be far away..as well as being connected to the entire world wide web. 

As women we have this thing about reading everyone’s story. Seeing their life displayed through pictures, status updates and 40 character spills. I’m certain guys do this too, but it’s not such an important thing to read every single persons post or read all the comments on someone’s picture to them. 

Why do we do this? Why do we feel like our life decisions, accomplishments, transitions etc. are not validated unless it has received some social media love and more than a certain amount of double taps or thumbs up? 

Is it a subtle and unknown film of competition? 


Attention craving? 

How many selfies have we posted up in hopes that it receives a decent amount of likes so we feel better about posting it and get a relief that people aren’t looking at us like we are self centered or something?  

Everything screams three words, “look at me.” 

Look at me. We wouldn’t post up anything if we didn’t want people to look or notice am I right? I mean you could take the 20 pictures of yourself and pick out your favorite ones, edit them to your liking and then just admire you’re own beauty correct? But there’s a desire to be seen. To be noticed. 

To have everyone who follows you to read that you just made a life goal because those “congratulations!” “Good job!” Or “you’re amazing” remarks make us feel like a hero. 

What were we doing to gain this much attention before social media existed? 

When there were no cell phones with Internet.. No texting.. Nothing..

How did we connect? 

Letters in the mail. Conversations in person or on the house phone. We actually looked one another in the eye when we spent time together.. Concretely showing our certificates, diplomas, or achievements. We had no idea about the urge to post every single thing that went on in our lives. 

These days, walking around a mall, grocery store, park, restaurant, coffee shops, birthday parties everyone seems to be wearing the same thing.. A phone in their hand. Heads down. Coming up for the occasional fill in laugh or engagement in the conversation or participation in whatever the event is. 

People relate by sharing funny videos, contemplating the color of a dress, and whatever else has managed to distract us from our daily lives. 

You’re probably wondering why I’m being so blunt about such a topic, especially because my life too has been on social media but I’m just over seeing people distracted from life. 

Walking around watching people neglect their loved ones or friends, potential new friends, all because of a rectangled screen. Giving unlimited access to an illusion of what we all truly crave..connection

It’s time to get out of the screen and into the life around you

Have real quality time. Uninterrupted by alerts, tweets, notifications, texts, etc. 

to look up and actually KNOW who’s in front of you. 

To stop comparing lives with the ones we are shown on social media.

To give our family, friends, children, spouses, relationships all around the attention they deserve. 

Mostly, to pay attention to our ownself. Outside of the media realm.. Be responsible in our daily duties, being healthy, having set out quiet times with Papa the one whom we were created to connect with in the first place..

Albert Einstein once said, ” I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. ” 

How did he somehow know? I don’t like the idiot thing.. But in regards to choosing technology over precious quality time and depth in our relationships and life, it is idiocy. 

Don’t get sucked in. The people around you are crying, “look at me..” 

Look at you. Look at us. Look at the world outside those screens, break habits of boredom or fill in space and let it go. 

I don’t have a scripture to validate my opinion and I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary.. This is a cause and effect post:

Relationships become obsolete when we are consumed with our phones. 

Take pictures, create memories, of course.. Just don’t be so stuck on showing the entire world your one moment and lose out on the gems called minutes that wait behind them. 

Obviously I’m passionate about this, if I offended any of you that was not my intention for I have done everything in this blog which gives me credibility and experience to write it. 😉

Have phones beauty, just don’t let em have you. 

Papa, I am very thankful for technology. To be able to connect with friends and family across the yard and the world. I pray Papa that our relevancy wouldn’t be based on our status approvals, how many likes we get or the friends we have. I pray we would go back to our true place of relevancy which is being a daughter. Being the bow on top of all creation. I pray our relationships would not be neglected, that we wouldn’t miss what’s right in front of us. Help us to look up Abba. May we not forget to spend time with you in the midst of all that goes on around us within these digital realms. After all, you are the best attention giver. 😊 love you, in Jesus name amen. 

Loving you, 

Tanisha Poni 💜


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