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Class of 2015 

Since I have been attending Graduation parties this weekend and that.. I’ve decided to address the graduates of 2015. 

Goodness, realizing its been 9 years since I’ve graduated myself is mind boggling. 

On my graduation day I remember feeling like I finally accomplished something, I made it. 

It wasn’t just in academics.. it was way more than that. 

I pushed passed the trials that came up in my teenage life, like breakups and friendships turned sour in a matter of seconds. 

I made it through feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. – things that fueled depression and suicidal thoughts- 

I had friends.. but most days I felt alone. 

High School was not the greatest 4 years of my life, but I survived and walked that stage with a genuine smile accompanied by a peace sign. 😄✌

Whether you’re graduating high school or college.. Congratulations on pushing passed the hard times and making it through the annoying lies -that provoked negative feelings to try and weigh you down.-

You did it!

Now what?! 

Every day leading up to this one you made choices
Some, you had to sacrifice fun nights out for studying or doing homework.

Others, you chose whether or not to try new things that everyone else was doing, just to fit in.

And most, you were confused in what direction to choose. 

I don’t want to burst your bubble about this grand new adventure you’re embarking on but.. the choices don’t stop. 

You will continually have to choose what you’re going to do or not do everyday for the rest of your adult life. 

The difference between then and now is you have gained a bit more insight on your identity.. or at least I hope you did. 😉

In knowing more of your identity.. now the choices won’t consume you, you will have peace within to operate from. 

You will go back to your last victories in choosing what is most beneficial for you and lean on those for support. 

You WILL succeed. For success lies in the heart of the successor. You get to define what success looks like for you, not anyone else. 

You WILL prosper in all you do. The itch to try a different desire or passion out is most likely on your mind and I say GO FOR IT! Don’t hold back in your season of discovering what you will do for the rest of your life. – Jeremiah 29:11

You WILL stay steadfast anchored in Papa’s unfailing and perfect love. I know most people say they lost their motivation to stay in relationship with The Lord, or they got distracted, didn’t want to live a life of purity, or whichever have you whilst in college or after.. but you have nothing to fear. -Isaiah 26:3-4 , Proverbs 23:17-18 

You WILL know what to do. You’re not alone in feeling like you don’t have a clue on what to do as your next step, what to pursue, what to claim.. But, you WILL. -Psalm 27:14

You don’t have to have it all together just because you’re graduating.. you don’t have to have your next ten years planned out and strictly go by them because you wrote it down in pen.  


You may start off with one major and graduate with something else. You might discover you don’t want to do what you studied to do, you want to do something different.. or 

You could be in your line of work- what you got a degree for- and suddenly realize it isn’t your calling. 


There is no timeline to get stuff right the first time. There is a running clock, but it listens to your commands not the other way around. You are in control of time. You have the ability to MAKE time. 

So my beautiful graduate, what do you want to do?

Who do you want to be? 

Regardless of paycheck amounts and financial stabilities, what would you be happy doing for the rest of your life? 

The “job” I desire most is one that has no course, it has no classes to go to unless otherwise made up by someone who has done it before and created some sort of guide but even then everyone is different. 

The “job” I long for doesn’t even get paid in money. 

Crazy right? Like what am I supposed to tell the people who graduated with me who have went off to gain doctorate degrees, or become lawyers, presidents, and whatever else? 

Once this gets mentioned a shocked subtle look appears on the askers face and is followed by an, “Oh, thats nice.” 
BUT, I am proud to say it. I feel successful, I know my life isn’t over when I accomplish one dream or two. Life still goes on. There is no arrival -until we see the pearly gates of course- I mentioned before life is a JOURNEY

There should be no comparison to ‘her ‘life, or ‘her’ life. Her success isn’t what fits your definition, it’s by her’s. It doesn’t matter what your life looks like lined up next to her’s, because it was never meant to be there in the first place. You can’t compare your middle to someone’s end or beginning it’s not fair to. 

I am definitely going off on rabbit trails, but going back to it… I love saying I am home, taking care of my house and my husband when people ask. I love to say I mentor students and when they ask how much I get paid I smile and say I volunteer-like why does $ even become relevant??- And of course I want to transform the world..😆  I love to claim these truths because no matter what I do in life it doesnt have an inch on my identity. I could do housewife work but that’s not who I AM.. 

What you do doesn’t define WHO you are. 

I am a daughter of the most high God. 

He created me to be loved. 

I am bold, brave, joyful, amazing, wise, fun, loving..etc. 
Cause that’s who He created me to be. – that’s not just my truth.. it’s yours. 

When people ask you about your career or your life on goings it’s not, “Who are you?

they ask, “WHAT do you DO?

So, in the semi-chaotic time of figuring life out and who you’re going to be.. remember you already know that.. you’re just figuring out what you’re going to DO with who you are. Where you have a desire to apply it. 

If you have absolutely no idea.. I would suggest finding out who you are (your “I Am” ’s) and whose you are.. (Papa’s) 

Ya know, I was in the same boat for those of you who still don’t know what you want to do.. all I knew at the moment was that I wanted my relationship with Papa to grow. To know more of Jesus, to be closer to Him. To witness crazy things the bible mentioned. 

But, I went to junior college because that’s the “moral” thing to do.. and I hated it (except one class). Then, I went to a bible college because it lined up with my desire; until I realized listening to a monotoned lecture on theology or just the ongoings of the bible wasn’t cutting it for me. It was bland and boring. I lost some hope in finding out what I wanted and I felt sick because I suddenly felt lost in the world.. who was I? 

I ended up going to a Jesus Culture conference, where I heard a very vital message on DREAMS and the pursuit of them. I realized I was trying to fulfill other’s dreams they had for me and not living out my own. I had a major desire to be involved in some sort of ministry school that would give me what I longed for: my identity in Jesus, hands on training to change the world in my own unique way, interaction with scripture -not just reading it and giving me word studies on each word-, I wanted Jesus more than anything. 

And it just so happens there was a perfect school for me that I knew about for a little bit of time and never thought I could pursue the fun stuff before I pursued the not so fun stuff like general education and degrees -sorry if you think that’s fun, I just didn’t like school like that hah- 

I threw out all obligations of what outlines of a graduate should look like.. and decided to pursue my dream. I applied to Kingdom Culture School of Transformation -the ministry school- without knowing how I would even pay tuition, but I knew Papa would take care of it for me because it’s His desire to see my desires manifest. -And yours 😊

KCST gave me everything I desired and looked for.. except they gave much much more. 

I realized what I wanted to do, who I wanted to be, and whose I was. I no longer struggled with what path I should take, or feared my future.. My life came together within 10months of the first year program and today I am forever grateful for the decision I made to invest in myself and my dreams. 

I shared all that to say: 

You have a choice darling… to live a life YOU will love. Don’t live it for someone else.. live it for YOU. 

Sheesh..Sorry it was all over the place ha, but  I hope you had some sense of relief or hope or encouragement in your brand new season and I pray you would seek the life you have dreamed of. For you. ☺️

Papa, thank you for holding the future in your hands. Thank you that in your word it says you have plans to prosper us and not to harm us. Thank you that we can be confident in the fact that you want to best for us and will give us every resource we need to get there. I pray that the eyes of your brand new graduates would be opened to every option YOU have set before them. May they discern what it is they should say yes to and what to say no to in this season and be at peace with their decision. Thank you that it promises in your word, you direct the steps of the righteous and you delight in every detail of our lives. Help them not to forget these truths and promises on their new journey Lord and may they be drawn even closer to you. In Jesus name, Amen. 

Loving you.. you brilliant gem, 
Tanisha Poni 💜

Ps. if you desire to know more about the school of ministry I attended please feel free to check out our website ; check out student testimonies and our youtube videos, etc. It might just be the thing you’ve been looking for 😉  We are accepting applications now for the fall >>  KCST.org