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Mountain climbing

I’ll climb that mountain when I get there.” 

I’m sure most of you have heard this phrase before.. Lately, I’ve been hearing it more often than usual. 

Every now and then we come upon a mountain or notice one instantly pop up before us-obviously metaphorically but, they truly do feel like mountains- and we must figure out how to climb or move them. 

I mentioned before about the condition my mother found out she was in. But, in case you’re just joining me… Breast cancer was the condition. Since I last wrote about it she has undergone surgery to remove the tumor and is now in preparation to start chemo treatments. 

Questions rise up within people who happen to be around us in this season like, “How long does she have to do chemo?”  “Is she going to lose her hair?” Or “How is she doing with all of this?”  For the most part, my mother has taken it piece by piece and not worrying about the next stage until she gets there.. So have I. 

Now, the next mountain is here and it didn’t really strike me til Saturday. Like an epiphany, it wiped out the fact that this isn’t just regular shots she has to take, or pain pills.. This stuff is meant to kill cancer cells. 

Whilst in this epiphany I had two choices: I could stay in the discouraged and frightened state or I could choose to figure out what I need to get myself over this mountain. 

Sunday came along and this verse found me, “The pain you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that’s coming.” (Romans 8:18 paraphrased) 

Pain can’t compare to joy. 

I began to feel a certain stirring within me as if I was being clothed in mountain climbing gear on the inside. 

The promise that we would make it to not only the top of this mountain but over it, became the motivation I needed to even pursue it. 
When you know and fully believe in the joy that’s set before you and who set it for you, will allow mobility in tough seasons. 

The perfect song “I will climb” by Will Reagan and United Pursuit has been on repeat in the boom box of my mind the past three days:  

I know that I can trust you…. I lean not on my own understanding, my life is in the hands of the maker of Heaven… I will climb this mountain with my hands wide open, I will climb this mountain with my hands wide open…there’s nothing I hold onto to..” 

Hands wide open, fully embracing the process, finding the joy in it, letting every negative thing go and journeying on. Confident in the outcome, confident in the strength that has been placed within us, strapped with overflowing joy, and knowing Papa is doing something with this chapter of our story. 

Right now, you may have a mountain to climb, and standing at the bottom of it can seem intimidating. Look beyond it for a moment.. Imagine it conquered, removed, whichever but focus in on the joy that’s coming. 

You can very well do this. 

You CAN very well do this

Whether it’s grabbing hold of that mustard seed sized faith and moving the entire mountain, or being called to climb you are capable. 

It is possible to scrape a knee, to sweat, to need a break to catch your breath, but it’s even more possible to soar to the top after your first step. Peace, joy, faith, and hope will give you wings.. it ain’t red bull. πŸ‘Ž 

So open your eyes, let all the extra weight go, put a smile on, and start climbing you overcomer. Remember to take in the view from the top! 

Papa, I am well aware that you never leave, nor will you plan to in the hardest times. Thank you for being with us every step of the way. For believing in us, for cheering us on. Thank you for your unfailing love and joy. For peace of mind, and power. Mountains will not steal our trust in you nor will our joy be tormented. I fully believe you will turn this all around for the good because we love you. May we have joy, peace, faith, and hope from the beginning to the end. Thank you for what you’re doing, and what you’re going to do. 😊 in Jesus name, amen. 

Loving you, 
Tanisha Poni πŸ’œ


Love me, love me

Love. Happens to be the word of the month right? Isn’t it crazy though, that love usually describes a majority of things like French fries, family members, friends, our children, husbands, but rarely when love is thought about is it your own face that pops up.

We were brought up in a world that if we thought about ourselves we were considered selfish and then it would be proved in the word-bible- that self love is evil. Obviously, if you’re all about yourself and could care less about anyone else around you that’s ugly.. But, loving yourself and thinking of yourself is not evil. Or selfish.

Let’s get into this then:

Do you like yourself?
Do you love yourself?

Did you know that if you answered, “no” or “not fully” to either question it could be the root to many other problems or issues you may be facing?

Because if it isn’t rooted in love… It’s rooted in the opposite. Which is always related to fear.

Mark 12:31 gives us the second greatest commandment from Jesus himself, “love your neighbor as yourself.

This is the only place in scripture that is the closest to saying, “love yourself” and notice he didn’t even make it as a prerequisite to loving others or say these were the three greatest commandments.. He said first, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.

If we truly loved God in that way I think He believed we would be able to reflect the love He has given us and be able to love ourselves well and then in turn love our neighbors as ourselves.

I honestly don’t feel we do though. Sure we love ourselves, but it’s conditional. No mercy, grace, forgiveness, and then we end up loving people around us with this same love. When it should be at a standard that Papa loves from.

If you don’t have love how can you give it? If it’s to a certain measure it’s given at a certain measure even if you’re thinking you love greatly and you probably do, but it can be greater still.

So what is loving yourself? ask yourself to answer this from your actual reality, don’t sugar coat it with all the right things to say if that’s not how you truly feel, get vulnerable.. Just because you may know the truth doesn’t mean it has become your reality yet.

(Each one of us has a different definition of what this may look like because we are all DIFFERENT. So if you find your definition looking outcast don’t freak out.. It’s actually good to figure out what you believe and why instead of jumping on bandwagon beliefs and really have no backing to the why. Understand? 😊)

To me, it’s being thankful and appreciative of who you are, how you look and who He’s created you to be. As well as, making sure you’re taking care of you in every area.

You see love requires action here, it’s not some thing you’re trying to get. It’s an action expressed to others through your living.

Ok you’ve answered what your definition to what loving yourself is, now I want to ask:

HOW do you love yourself? What’s the normal action taken behind your definition?

I’ve taken the liberty to write down a list of a general “how to” but still yours could be more personalized according to you.. This is just a basic skeleton of how to love yourself:

* Make sure you have a solid connection with your source of love Papa..

– You were made by love, from love and for love. Spending time with Him helps you connect more to yourself because in those time He usually reveals something He loves about you and how could you not end up loving the same thing in response? The more you draw closer to Him the more transformation happens to take place (within the areas that are hard for you to accept and love about yourself)

* Take care of your body, your finances, your personal space and your time.

– eating right and exercising alone will make you love yourself because of the crazy effect eating healthy has- try it, eat something not so healthy and watch how you feel afterwards, mostly you’ll feel like a slob and contemplate if you’re good enough for whatever reason. Then try eating something fresh and healthy and afterwards you feel energized, happy and confident, it’s true.- feed yourself well.

-getting the right amount of sleep and the endorphins that get released from working out. Are equally important having same effects as good on you.

– financially stable people tend to love themselves more because they feel less stressed and pressured with bills and other financial responsibilities. I know we happen to love shopping, but let’s not allow that label of taking all of daddy’s money or our spouses to hinder our financial breakthrough or freedom in being responsible stewards with our money.

– taking care of your personal space and time is vital. If you tend to run late or are disorganized in your time you relay this sense that you aren’t worthy enough to be taken care of in these areas. When you respect your time and other people’s time and space you show yourself worthiness.

* get around loving people.

– people who will not only champion you in loving yourself but love themselves and you makes the love in the atmosphere sticky.. And it will end up all over you. Which may cause a shift in perspective of yourself.

* Do what you love.

-work takes up a big part of your day. Sometimes it may be working with others or it may be just a small office alone.. Or working from home as a housewife, babysitter or mother. If you are not loving what you constantly have in your daily routine you will have a dreadful feeling. Doing what you love or finding a way to love what you are currently maybe seasonally doing will prove yourself worthy and feeling loved once again.

* create a balance in your schedule.

-it can’t be all work and no play or all play and no work.
Which stinks cause we’d like to play all day for money but that’s not how it works ha. Even in busy schedules make time for YOU. And the things you want to pursue.

You have to take the lead in loving yourself aside from Papa. If you expect others to make you feel loved while you’re abandoning your own self.. It’ll never be enough.. Even Papa’s love. Yes that’s true. If you can’t love yourself in some level it will be harder to receive the Father’s love.

Learning to take responsibility in loving yourself, fills you up with the capacity to receive His love and in turn give it away.

A couple scriptures about how Papa loves us and sees us:

You’re the apple of his eye. Psalm 17:8 when he looks at you.. You’re all He sees.

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.” Song of Solomon‬ ‭4‬:‭7‬ (my all time favorite scripture) I would sit there in my moments of not being comfortable enough with loving myself and would repeat this scripture over and over and by just the third or fifth time I was in tears because it became more real to me how much papa thought I was flawless. And how much He loved me.

Suggestion: Read all of Song of Solomon. Study it because it does have interesting comparisons but, it’s insanely romantic and so beautifully written. It makes me cry because that’s how much He loves us and sees us.

To Him.. We are perfect.

I want to take a moment right now to allow some breakthrough to take place..

I want you to write down what you’re uncomfortable loving about yourself, whether it be physical, a characteristic or ANYTHING dealing with you. Write it down. Don’t be “christianically” correct either, if it’s there write it down.

Don’t move on in reading this until you’ve done so…

**breakthrough intermission**

When you’re finished read it.

Not one of you has an empty paper.. There are realities written on those pages.. Even if it’s the smallest thing.

Now, I want you to begin to pray for your ears, eyes, hearts and minds to be attentive to what Abba is saying.. And ask Him what His response is to this list of things or the one thing. Be patient, quiet your mind and listen. Begin to write His response to you on the same piece of paper.. And when you’re done save it. Re-read it. As many times as you have moments where it is a needed reminder.

We are all still growing daily. No one said we had to have it all together now. If anyone tells you they do, I’d be careful in trusting them ha. But honestly, we are well on our way. Pursue what it looks like to love you. 😊

Papa, thank you for love. For being love. You’re the greatest love we could’ve ever encountered. I pray we would come into a greater understanding and knowing about how to love ourselves to better be able to receive the love you have for us and to be able to give that love away. May your voice be the loudest one we hear. The voice of truth.. You are it all. Without you love doesn’t exist. Thank you Abba for you. In Jesus name, amen.

Loving you,
Tanisha Poni πŸ’œ

Love deeply

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner..

Isn’t it odd that Valentine’s Day is the only day of the year to where you’re obligated to love? Other than the typical “love stinks” crowd (who really don’t think such lies and are actually in need of love)

Honestly though, the whole “flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep” bit is overrated if it isn’t love all around. Furthermore, love is way too big to be squished in a small 24hr day.

So, why then do we do the cute little cards, gifts, fancy dinners, and everything else with our husbands, boyfriends, friends, family, etc solely on this day? (If you do this more than once a year this does not apply to you..lol)

When’s the last time we loved, like I mean L O V E D deeper than the mirage of all the love money can buy?

When’s the last time you wrote a letter.. Hand written letter to someone whether it be a love letter or an encouraging reminder to a friend?

When’s the last time you paid more attention to the details of what someone’s desires were, to gift that to them on a random day and not just Valentine’s Day?

When’s the last time you actually did what you said you’d do, right when you said you’d do it for someone who asked.. Instead of putting it on the to-do list for later and wind up forgetting?

When’s the last time you loved deeply?

We as women thrive off love do we not? I mean all the small things totally matter: The encouraging words from our best friend, the fact that our spouse or bf noticed we did something different with our hair or makeup, the cute thoughtful gift that someone gave us simply because it reminded them of us, pure quality time without interruption of cell phones or whatever else, good conversation, etc.

All of that is love. But love is deeper still.

Remember that friend who may or may not have known they hurt you?

Remember that family member who said some things that weren’t the sweetest?

Remember your spouse who may have forgotten to take out the garbage again?

All these random issues and opportunities to love deeper rise up daily, but most of the time we allow ourselves to think selfishly and choose to be offended if WE aren’t the ones being loved deeply -after all “THEY did it” right? –

Trust me I am learning this along with you, but it wouldn’t leave my heart to write about today. I told the Lord I was unqualified for it, to which He replied, “Are you saying I don’t know what I’m doing?

Before I said , “that’s not what I meant..” (I mean obviously Papa doesn’t hold onto offense) I knew what He meant.. In my feeling unqualified He already knew I would feel that way and yet He still put it on my heart to write about.. And chose to champion me in an area that isn’t doctorate degree sealed.

That love is deep.

In 1 Peter 4:8 it speaks of the benefits of such love,
Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

I like how it reads in the message bible,
“Most of all, love each other as if your life depended on it…”

As if your life depended on it. It’s funny because our life actually does depend on love, being loved, and loving.

Without it what is life?

People constantly beg for a cure in this world, for world peace, no more hatred, no more crime, no more disconnect, etc.

Every single being living on this earth needs one vital thing above food and breath to stay alive, LOVE.

This isn’t some feel good, candy coated rainbows type of message, because when you truly love deep you notice it takes a sacrifice of some kind. Sometimes, it does hurt because love on the other end may not be going through the same filter we have, in which it couldn’t be reciprocated.. But that’s not why we love.

We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

We can’t sit here in a judge seat with the huge oversized robe and point out who is worthy of our love and who isn’t. That judge seat isn’t ours and clearly the robe isn’t either.

If we wanted people to get what they deserve (completely outside of justice-consequences do come with action/sin-) after hurting us or whatever have you… Then when we, being human, sometimes fail someone, we would get what we deserved… Or worse.. If we got what we deserved before Jesus.

If we cried out to God about the fact that so and so being undeserving of goods or love, I’m certain He isn’t agreeing with you. Possibly He would ask, “I presume then you’d like what you deserve?

Ouch. He wouldn’t be talking about a cute fluffy stuffed animal or feel good words of affirmation either.

Love isn’t selfish. (1 Corinthians 13:5)

Want a beautiful life where everyone gets along and there’s no drama or anything negative in your little corner of the world? It’s going to cost you something..

You’re going to have to be willing to love..deeply.

Ponder on it all. Write down ideas of what loving deeply may look like to Papa, better yet, ask Him what it would look like for ::insert your name here:: to love deeply -to be more personal.

We were made by love, from love, and for love. Every single one of us.

Fact: I have a reminder on my phone that goes off daily around 1pm and it asks this, “Are you loving well today?
– most days I can answer that I am, and then some days pop up where I dislike that I put that in my phone period because it’s hard in the moment. But I did it so I could challenge myself in this. I desire to leave this world with my love as my legacy. I have yet to be able to say this is me 100% of the time but my desire is there. The gentle reminder helps me a lot. If something like this would work for you.. Go for it!

Great heroines were known for their love of something.. My favorite though is Mother Teresa. She fully embodied what it looked like to love deeply. Look up some of her quotes, read a story about her life, it’s incredible. She’s my favorite because it shows me it’s possible to love that much, and has fueled my desire to go after it.

So great heroine, what’s it gonna be?

Papa, thank you for first loving us. For choosing us before the world was ever created, for the ultimate price you paid just so you could have us near. Even the sprinkle of love that we are discovering is overwhelming. I pray Papa that we would honor you in this, that we too would take after you and love deeply, courageously and furiously. Help us to know what that looks like in each of us individually, and spark the desire to do so. We love because you first loved us, may we not forget that gift. Thank you Abba, in Jesus name amen.

Loving you..deeply,
Tanisha Poni πŸ’œ

Heaven is here now

Last Monday, we found out my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

In the moment, I remained “strong” and as if I was impenetrable because I wanted to be stable for her. As soon as she left, I broke down. I didn’t get it, I was upset and sad. How could my mother whom I daily pray for have such a “big” issue arise?

Tuesday-Wednesday I felt the same. Although I appeared joyful and faith filled I was aching inside.

Thursday came along and I got mad at the fact that I was downcast for too many days. I re-read scripture, I reminded myself who God was and is, what I’ve seen Him do in other people’s lives, etc. Mostly, I gave up the desire of wanting to understand why it was all happening. When I thought about it, I didn’t have to understand, it’s not why I’m here in these days anyway. As long as my reality remained as heaven’s, understanding became less needed.

Let me explain:

Heaven is here now.

No I’m not crazy, or too exhausted to think straight, this is the TRUTH.

He’s all around us, Heaven is Jesus, it’s the moments we meet..” (Heaven is here now-Jesus Culture)

That song popped up in my head out of nowhere and it hit me. My reality is heaven. My reality is Jesus. My reality is hope. My reality is life. My reality is joy. My reality is no matter what it looks like God is doing something.

My reality is heaven.. So disease, hardship, turmoil, etc. Don’t have the ability to shake my faith, they don’t have the ability to rip my focus away from my King.

Whether it’s absolutely horrible or not, I get to choose my reality. I’m not preparing for the worst to take place, I can’t sit here and allow the negative “what ifs” to peck at me, because I choose faith. And faith says, “heaven is here now”

In heaven there is no pain. There is no sickness and disease. There’s no depression, anxiety or fear.

There is health, wholeness, joy, peace and love. And if that’s true then all that can be experienced right here. Right now.

In Ephesians 2:6 it says, “and God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus.”

Right now we are seated in heavenly places. Heaven is here now.

In Matthew 6:10 we learned how to pray and a piece of it went like this, “your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

On earth as it is in heaven.
That means whatever is going on in heaven may it be here on earth too.

You prayed for it. Heaven is here now.

What are you saying Tanisha?

Thanks for always asking.. πŸ˜‰ this is what I’m saying,

Being stuck in the reports of doctors and the foretold future with my mother’s condition isn’t my home. I see her being completely healed and sharing the incredible testimony with others releasing hope. If it’s down to the last second and she goes into surgery, I still have the reality that I live for a miracle maker and He could remove this tumor Himself.

Although I’m not in denial of the fact that cancer is a “real” thing, I’m not going to focus my attention and allow fear or anything else chime in. I know once I open my mouth and declare heavenly truths and feed my faith something shifts. Whether it is seen or not.

Because we walk by faith not by sight, right?! (2 Corinthians 5:7)

The situations that pop up and release fear and a trembling in your faith are not your reality. If you fully believe the word of God and in Jesus you get to release your reality into those moments or seasons. Holding onto truth.

Ask Papa what’s in heaven so you can pray for those things here. Allow your heart to be curious about the greater things Jesus said we would do (John 14:12)

I’m holding onto this truth.
No matter what the doctors say, or what tomorrow brings. Whether it hurts to witness my loved ones in pain or not.

Heavenly places is my reality. And it is yours too.

Don’t give up, don’t give in. He is doing something.

Papa, only you know beginning to the end. You hold each and every one of us in your hand. You hold our futures. Whatever tomorrow may bring we can rest assured that we know who holds us together. I pray that we would get a greater revelation on the reality we have been given when we came into your kingdom. I pray you would reveal the beauty of Heaven so we may declare the same here now. I pray that when the going gets tough and it becomes hard to focus on this truth that you would bring people to remind us and stand with us to hold our arms up like Aaron and Hur did for Moses. Thank you for loving us so much. To give us a new reality. Thank you that you have promised to turn around every situation for the good of those who love you. You are everything thank you Papa, in Jesus name amen.

Heaven is here now. Open those beautiful eyes heroine and experience it.

Loving you,
Tanisha Poni πŸ’œ

Girl, put your armor on

Ok my fierce warriors, today I’ll be wrapping up the mini series on the armor of God. We have seen the benefits of the sword as well as the shield.. And today we get to understand the rest of our defensive weapons:
-The helmet of salvation
-The breastplate of righteousness
-The belt of truth
-The readiness of the gospel of peace

Let’s dive in then, starting with the helmet:

“Take the helmet of salvation..” Ephesians 6:17

There’s a reason we were told to wear our helmet whenever we rode our bike or decided to rollerblade down the block when we were young.. If we didn’t and happened to fall “our brain would fall out.”

Similar to this real life image, the helmet of salvation saves us from death.

Salvation was a gift from God. It is unearned, only given. (If you are desiring to put the armor on I assume you have been given such a gift, if you haven’t all you need to do is pray to Him for it- “Father I admit I need you and can’t live this life alone, I believe in your son Jesus Christ, that He shed His blood and died for my sin, right now I thank you for this gift of salvation and confess Jesus as my Lord and savior. Thank you for loving me, in Jesus name amen!” 😊)

We don’t have to daily ask for this salvation, but we should recognize it daily. Once we accept salvation, it guarantees that we have victory in battle. Thankful to Jesus for defeating the enemy and giving us the inheritance of fighting from a place of victory rather than fighting for victory.

No one would go into battle without a helmet it would be insane to. So, when the going gets tough remember you already have the victory. πŸ’ͺ

The breastplate:

“..with the breastplate of righteousness in place,” Ephesians 6:14b

A breast plate is used in battle to protect from a direct attack on your heart. Righteousness does the same for us spiritually.

Righteousness is also something that has been inherited.
Once you accepted Jesus and had faith in Him, righteousness came. (Romans 3:22)

Our heart must be protected from things that are NOT righteous. In Proverbs 4:23 it advises, “above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Obviously without our heart we are lifeless.

We must monitor the things we allow to enter our heart, to raise them to the standard of righteousness.
For example: worrying constantly about health, finances, safety, etc. that might very well be an attack on your heart against the righteous truth in God being our healer, provider and protector.

When dealing with heart issues we have to cut them off at the source, which is normally a thought. The second a thought comes up we have to take action and take that thought captive. (2 Corinthians 10:5)

Here is a clear picture on what we should be thinking,
“Finally, [brothers and] sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirableβ€”if anything is excellent or praiseworthyβ€”think about such things. (‭Philippians‬ ‭4‬:‭8‬)

Protect your heart, put that breastplate in place.

The belt:
“Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist,” Ephesians 6:14a

What do belts do? Hold our pants up. -Unless we buy those super tight pants that look painted on.. Which shouldn’t be bought I’m just sayin ladies. πŸ™ˆHa-

So why would we need a belt in battle? Because we don’t have time to constantly hike up our pants or risk a piece of armor falling off from having nothing to hold it up.

TRUTH is the belt that allows you to fight without being distracted by minimal things. Truth keeps the rest of the armor in place.. Without it, you have room to question your salvation, righteousness, faith etc.

The biggest distraction is when you are sideswiped and suddenly become less secure in what is true. When you trail off into uncertainty you lose stability and it is easier to take you out. Now if you’re fully secure in truth, you won’t even have to address the issue, you can remain focused on the battle.

How to put your belt on-
Read scriptures daily. Wake up with them. Post them on your mirror to notice before work, school, or the day. Then share that truth with another in need of it, sometimes when we do this we become even more convinced.

Be filled with truth. So that your day becomes a cinch. πŸ˜‰

Lastly the shoes:

“..and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.” (‭Ephesians‬ ‭6‬:‭15‬ NIV)

Basically we are to have ready feet.
What’s ready feet?” I’m glad you asked 😊

To have “ready feet” simply means to be prepared, to actively be ready. To fight, to stand, to further His kingdom, to flee a place we shouldn’t be in.. Etc.

I’m a visual learner so let me put a picture on this one…
I used to box. Boxing not cardboard boxes.. And whenever I got into the ring to spar (practice fight) my feet were probably the most important thing in the ring. If they weren’t ready I could’ve lost my balance. They had to be active in order to maneuver around my opponent or to approach them. If I allowed my feet to be all loosey goosey I would’ve got knocked out by the boy with whom I was fighting… Instead of me knockin his lights out. (True story 😁πŸ’ͺ)

Point being I remained in my ready stance until the fight was over.

How to be active in your ready feet:
Be alert. Dialogue with Papa, ask what His direction is for you and your day or moment. It’s not just about battle it can be for your next destination too. No matter what, get close to Him so you know when and how to make your next move.

In boxing my coach remained outside the ring in my corner, shouting out different moves to make or what to avoid, “Don’t let your calves touch the ropes!”
“Keep your left hand up!”
“1,2 combination!” Etc.

With Papa it’s the same way, we just have to be actively ready to hear Him and willing to move.

Goodness this makes me want to get back in the ring! Haha.

Ladies I want you to know something,
You are just as spiritually powerful as a man is. We haven’t been given the “girl Holy Spirit.”
Although we may be the “easy” target on the enemy’s radar because of our vulnerability and sensitive side, does not mean we are weak and unprepared to fight! We have been chosen by Papa to live in such a time as this. Not just to nurture the babies and clean the kitchens. But to equally reign in battle to further His kingdom on this earth and see it rightfully turned over for Him.

We are Heroines. And Heroines we shall be!

Papa, I thank you for the full armor, for not counting us out as women but empowering us all the same. For choosing us and trusting us with this specific time on earth and rooting for us in it. Thank you that the victory has already been won, and for the sacrifice that it cost your son. I pray we would actively be ready and fully functioning within our armor daily, battle or not and continually learning the depths of your love for us throughout it all. In Jesus name amen!

Go get em tiger. 🐯πŸ’ͺ

Loving you,
Tanisha Poni πŸ’œ

Draw your sword

When you are actively changing old habits and being more positive, choosing to believe in the TRUTH about you and your life.. It’s all fun and games until the tempter comes with a lie or the same thoughts that came before you had a mindset shift…

Imagine yourself happy and having an amazing day and then out of nowhere the thought comes up, “your past is still your past you can never change it.” Suddenly you’re stuck like a deer in headlights feeling yourself now doubting your new found joy.

What do you do in that moment?

Common options:
A. You can choose to ignore it and continue to hum that song you were humming. Until it pops up again..
B. You can let it consume you and snatch your faith away. Ultimately robbing your victory.
Or C. You can DRAW YOUR SWORD. Which is the word of GodπŸ‘‰The Bible.

We’ve been given armor. Protective armor to defend us in such a battle, but we’ve also been given a weapon.

In Ephesians 6:10-17 it speaks about this armor and daily putting it on. Lastly it says in verse 17, “take the sword of the spirit which is the word of God.

Without knowing the promises that are within His word we become unarmed and vulnerable prey. Ending up believing we have no power over this enemy and the very real feeling of defeat.

But WE DO! We do have the power to cause the enemy to flee, it’s found in speaking the word of God. – your sword-

For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow..” Hebrews‬ ‭4‬:‭12‬

Let me put some personal reality in this,
I used to deal with anxiety. It was the strongest hold on me during a season of my life, and I knew the Lord. But when trauma rose up, anxiety snuck in and I found myself shutting down. Literally withering away. I quit my job, quit driving, quit going places outside my safe home etc. it absolutely sucked. Until I got healed! It was the most free I felt in my entire life in that time and I was doing things! I started going places without freaking out, I started driving again, I got a job, I went out of the country for the first time! But, anxiety came up in situations that I allowed it to overtake me in the past and I had to stand my ground. Occupy my territory. I drew my sword. At that time it sounded like this, “I have not been given a spirit of fear, but one of power, love and a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7) Or this, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) It wasn’t the confidence in myself to declare these promises to slice through anxiety, it was the confidence I had in Papa (God) knowing who He was for me in that season and realizing He never fails. This is real, it works. Trust me.

Even Jesus himself had to use the word of God to resist an attack from satan (Matthew 4:1-11) and we finish the verses seeing the enemy fled. The promises/scriptures are not some thing we just mindlessly rattle off out of routine.. They carry weight. Swords are heavy.

(I would love to layout every single promise the word has for us but that would be crazy long so you’re going to have to discover them yourself. -it’ll be fun, seek Him out, find out who He says He is for you. 😊-)

Just because we are women doesn’t mean we don’t know how to carry a sword! It’s not all glitz and glam because we are the princesses of the castle… We may have on a beautiful dress and our hair may be done rather well, but they better believe underneath we are armed and ready to fight should we have to.πŸ’ͺ

Remember one thing, Jesus fought for us. The war has already been won. So when we do draw our sword that’s our only job.. Declaring out the promises and trusting to take Him at His word, He does the rest. πŸ˜‰

I don’t want to impart worry or something because you had a thought that it would always be dandelions and hummingbirds… Because most of the time it can be, but there are times where that beautiful territory of yours (healing you received, mindset you overcame, breakthrough that happened, etc.) needs to be protected.

Heroine, It’s never been about your past. We don’t get fired at (with lies and their spiderweb thoughts) by our past or things we’ve done because it’s our consequence to those actions, we get fired at because our FUTURE threatens darkness. It’s why Eve got tempted in the first place, why she was approached first.. WOMEN ARE POWERFUL! We have INFLUENCE. And our enemy knew this from the very beginning.

Don’t go getting nervous! All we have to do is find out who Papa said He is for us, and listen to see who He says we are. And know He is with us every step of the way. We are confident because our daddy stands with us and has given us a weapon because He knew we would need it.

There is so much more to this! I scratched the surface and hopefully simplified it for you, but I encourage you to discover it for yourself. Search the word for promises. Ask Papa for more revelation on it. 😊

Ha wow I just saw a picture of a bunch of women walking up to this line drawn in the dirt they stand on, in their fancy dresses with their swords in hand. They look ferociously fierce. As the opposing side has ogres and other ugly giant creatures, they notice Jesus above them all smiling and nodding His head in approval. They smirk as they lift their swords and cross the line, only to see the opposition vanish and another piece of territory is occupied by these fearless heroines.

That’s one of those visions that just makes you say, “YES!!” Haha!!

Goodness.. That stirred me up!
Let’s pray,
Papa, thank you for the armor we have been given, and thank you that you have entrusted us with a sword. You always believed in us from the very beginning and you proved it by sacrificing your son even after the situation in the garden. I pray Papa that we would learn the ways of the sword and gain confidence in the truth that you are faithful and a man of your word, that we would encounter and envision you and ourselves in such a way that we become bolder and braver because of it! You’re such an awesome Papa, thank you for loving us. In Jesus name,amen.

Go take on the day you warrior!

Loving you,
Tanisha Poni πŸ’œ

Christmas presence

We are 3 days away from one of my favorite days of the year.. December 25th!

Christmas. 😍

Recently, I’ve been people watching (I know it’s weird, but don’t be actin like you don’t do it!) and people are SO on a hunt for the BEST gift. They are so desperate, they become stressed out! And don’t get me started on the ones who end up receiving unexpected early gifts.. They freak out wanting to impulse buy out of obligation. But is that what it’s all about? Presents?

Let’s get one thing clear right now before I continue.. I am a giver. I love to bless my loved ones with gifts. I also don’t mind receiving them either ha, but Christmas isn’t about presents under the tree…or a tree period.

I just want to remind you of one thing and then I’ll be done 😊

Christmas is about celebrating the greatest life we could’ve ever been graced with. Jesus. He became the gift of life for us then, so we could have the ability to be that gift now.

When we accepted what He did for us, and gave Him permission to live with us, we were given the same anointing that was on His life. Which enables us to be life givers.

Now, I’m not saying you can pile up some dirt and breathe life into it- that’s kinda Frankensteinish- I’m saying, we have the awesome opportunity to give LIFE away. Our life.

LIFE- time, love, attention, care, provision, advice, counsel, prayer, joy, hope, encouragement, etc.

That’s my life definition. To “give LIFE” away looks like spending time, loving on someone, giving your full attention, showing you care, providing when you see a need, offering advice and following through if it’s accepted, counseling through an issue- helping them walk through it-, simply praying for someone- really not just saying, “I’m praying!” Or “I’ll be praying!” And not actually do it-, releasing joy and hope into their current situations just by smiling and offering all these things to them along with encouragement to seal it all in.

We have been given such a gift in this life. We learn daily about the goodness of God and how wonderful it is to live knowing Jesus! We can’t keep all that to ourselves..

What are you saying Tanisha?

I’m saying let’s give LIFE away for Christmas. Let’s take a step back and actually get to know our loved ones. No matter how often you’re around them you can always learn something new.
Let’s put our phones down– Instagram can wait to see your beautiful face with your family later, it’s not going anywhere- and actually go further than the mundane conversation that goes like, Β “I’ve missed you! How have you been ??”
I know it’s been awhile! I’ve been great how about you?!”
I’ve been great too!”
That’s awesome ::smile::”

And then you both look around and feel awkward so you grab the phone…. No! Stop it! Ask questions! Dig deeper! Have the obvious intention to spend time getting to know them. You may find out something isn’t so great and gold coated, simply because vulnerability comes out in safe places.

Family, friends-relationships- are so important. I recently got to be apart of something greater within my family’s lives and Papa showed off with just how great His love really is! My husband and I spent time no matter how late it was, to release LIFE over them. The reward is hearing the shift take place. The one where hopelessness and despair turn into hope and joy! It’s so worth it.

Don’t be concerned with the presents under the tree… Be concerned with the present in being PRESENT during this time.

After all, the giver is Papa, the wrapping is Jesus, and the gift is YOU.

Celebrate Jesus in honoring Him with your life and following His footsteps in giving life away. Christmas is brighter and less stressful when we focus on what truly matters and what it’s all about.

I’ll tell you a little secret: your presence will mean more to them than your sacrifice to wait in line to get that extra on sale present, or the last minute one. They won’t feel like you love them less.. If you intently spend your time with them. If they do…slap em. And reveal the truth that they are loved! (Hah ok don’t slap em.. That’s not helpful)

Christmas presence– the visible, tangible, occurring, awareness of love, life, joy, and every other good thing. πŸ˜‰

Papa,I thank you for the reason behind this wonderful season. I thank you for your son Jesus. I thank you that His life was the greatest example of what you want our lives to look like. I thank you that you loved us so much to sacrifice your only son so that we could have a chance to live. Papa I pray that this Christmas we would fully grasp what it means to be present. To come into a greater understanding of the birth of Jesus and the beauty of His story. I pray that it would not only be in this season but it would overflow to our new year. Help us to give life away, give us words of encouragement, wisdom, and knowledge to be a priceless blessing to our loved ones. We ultimately want you to be exalted Papa so they may know you more. Thank you for choosing us for such a time as this. I’m overwhelmed. I love you, in Jesus name, amen.

“She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21)

Merry Christmas my beautiful gems, I hope it’s the best yet!

Loving you,
Tanisha Poni πŸ’œ