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No fine print

Have you ever noticed all the tiny tiny print at the bottom of coupons, advertisements, tv commercials or the announcer guy all of a sudden speaking 1,000 words a second right at the end of an announcement?

That’s fine print.

Fine print:inconspicuous details or conditions printed in an agreement or contract, especially ones that may prove unfavorable.

Inconspicuous and unfavorable. Now that doesn’t sound legit does it?

The product that’s being displayed or whatever have you may seem cool, but there’s a hidden agenda behind it, or it may not be just as simple as πŸ‘‰ calling now and receiving the “free” car.

Fine print is insurance. It’s a “Hey you should’ve read the FULL description about how you need to spend $35,000 before you get this free car.. and since the fine print was there we are not liable for what we said to get you attracted to this deal in the first place. so hmph!

Those darn gimmicks.

I was thinking-during this time of needing to listen to “eye of the tiger” on my mind radio at least three times before I even get out the house in the morning- I don’t want any fine print on my life.

I don’t want to stand here and declare things like ” I trust God” and ” I will praise The Lord at all times”  if I have a fine print underneath those declarations like: “Only if God does what He has promised..” or  “I will praise Him at all the COMFORTABLE times…”

I don’t want to be a gimmick.

I don’t want it.

But isn’t it so easy to slip into the cushion of our own fine prints when things don’t look so great?

Wave after wave. Trial after trial. It’s like we are on some marathon to see how many obstacles we can overcome in a matter of weeks. Some seasons are like that.. but in those seasons what are we holding onto?

Our declarations? or our fine prints?

In the bible it says, “Trust the Lord with ALL your heart, lean not on your OWN understanding..” Proverbs 3:5

If ALL our heart trusts Him, then that means none of our heart needs an escape route “just in case” this trust thing doesn’t work. Our FULL heart trusts HIM no questions asked. No matter what it looks like, no matter what happens to us.. full on TRUST because ALL of our heart does so. Leaning on HIS understanding and not our own.. that’s huge.

We all want to understand life. To understand why things happen: Why do good things happen to mean people and bad things happen to the best of us? why? why? why

No more “why?” ‘s ! We don’t have to understand everything or make everything that happens in our life make sense. Its all complicated hard work.. leaning on His understanding is much easier.

 My point: YOU are a walking advertisement for Christ. A sign. A billboard. A picture. A movie. A book. A song. whichever..

We are living examples of what it looks like to have a relationship with Jesus. 

 I don’t want this to come off preachy and all but it’s the truth. 

 If I declared “I will praise The Lord at all times” and then when crisis hit (such as the past two months) I stop praising Him because things happened that were not supposed to or didn’t line up with His promises or something it becomes false advertising. To the people who are looking up to me or at me period and see and experience that Tanisha doesn’t really do as she says or believe what she writes.. etc. I would become a phony Poni. (ya see what I did there?πŸ˜„) 

 But it doesn’t stop there.. I most of all want to be real with myself. For my own life. My own benefit. 

It’s so important to be real in this world full of counterfeits and copies.

We get one life here on earth my fellow beauties, ONE. uno

Let’s not allow fine print to hold us back from fully living and fully receiving Papa at His word and allowing Him to fully receive us at ours. Let’s get it right the first time, because it’s our last time too. 

 No fine print. We will live bona fide certified

 So what are you declaring? What are you shouting out to the world as your life message or your life core value? Don’t hold back sister.. no holds barred. 

Bye bye fine print. Hello authenticity.

Papa, in this life problems come up. Trials arise, hardships are endured and during these times it is tough. It may be overwhelming, but then there’s you. I pray Abba that we would be women of our word, no insurance, no fine print, no cushion, just fully souled out to all you are and all you promised you will do. I pray our trust would go to a whole other level in the hard times. I pray we would not be shaken, or moved by the harsh waves that crash over us. I thank you for being the way, the truth and the life. For being our only hope. Without you I am convinced hard times would literally kill us, but thank God for God! haha You are it all Papa, thank you for loving us and for giving us an opportunity to fully trust you, to approach you with our every cry and that you hear them all. Help us to be more authentic, to live lives truthfully to our declarations, especiallly when they’re about our relationship with you. I love you Abba, in Jesus name Amen.  

 Loving you, 

 Tanisha Poni πŸ’œ


Keep your peaceΒ 

So I forgot to write my blog in the midst of all this sickness I’ve been battling. Wah!  πŸ˜© I apologize.. It is my goal to weekly post on Monday and I have failed.. To everyone who has been dedicated Monday readers, I have failed you too and for this I am sorry. 

Let me explain: 

I felt a tickle in my throat on Friday night -right after a S.H.E girls night out- and thought no this isn’t trying to happen to me.. Sorry sickness ya gotta go! 

Saturday I woke up with a full on sore throat and a slight cough to which I also said the above eviction notice to… Only to find myself bed ridden by Sunday

Now with this all going on you could imagine my face since this sickness didn’t listen to me the first two times… It wasn’t a cute wink sister. 

Monday fever broke out along with some extra bathroom time as I sat and hugged the toilet three times outta the day. Gross but who doesn’t do that while getting sick? 

Tuesday-Wednesday I remained the same except no more getting sick.. But the symptoms caused me to miss out on one of the fonder things in life.. Food. 

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday…. became the same ride. 

Yesterday was the first day I began to feel a little better. I even put on makeup and something with an actual button for pants. But my energy was still low.. 

Why are you telling us your whole life Tanisha?! 

Because I am a woman of faith and I know and fully believe in healing and what the word says, “By His wounds I am healed” And I have been dealing with this cold for 8 days.. Some could consider that evidence for healing being untrue.. Or even worse God not being God.. 

But, during all this I chose to keep my peace. (Isaiah 26:3) 

Was I upset that I was sick longer than I felt I should be? Sure. 

Was I tired from not being able to sleep or eat properly? You bet. 

Still.. I wouldn’t let go of the promise He gave to be completely healed and to be able to keep my peace through it all. 

Now, keeping my peace didn’t look like a smile on my face after I coughed for a minute straight.. It didn’t look like me sitting with my legs crossed,hands together and my eyes closed.. 

It looked like me not having my peace shaken. I protected it.. From thoughts of doubt.. And anything else that would try and steal it. I fueled my peace with truth-scripture- and sometimes songs that reassured me of that truth.. 

No matter what it looked like or how hard it felt to go through.. Protecting my peace was more important. I made sure I let my husband know if I felt weak at all in this so he could help me hold my hands up like Aaron and Hur did for Moses (Exodus 17:12) 

 Now, this is my true life story this isn’t some “super Christian” post this is my life. This is how I operate. I can’t choose anything else because everything else doesn’t work- trust me I’ve tried (before my relationship with God of course)

Every hardship I face I turn to Papa. I turn to His word.. And if I am weak in those times I turn to someone who I know will help me refocus. 

In Psalm 34:19 it says, “A righteous man may have many troubles, BUT THE LORD delivers him from them all.” 

may: might

All: all

I’m not in this walk because I heard it was easy..I’m in this because I can’t get enough of my God who has given me life.

I say all that to say this:  in times of trial or hardship keep your peace.. Stir yourself up if you’re not “feeling it” and get around someone who will push you higher when you think you can’t make it. 

That’s all for now, protect that peace sister. πŸ˜‰

Papa, I thank you for your peace. The peace that surpasses all understanding. Thank you that no matter what happens to us you deliver us from every trouble. It is your promise. You are a good good God and we couldn’t live without you. I pray we wouldn’t forget your benefits Papa and the great gift it is to be able to approach you with even the smallest bothersome things. You are our peace. Thank you, in Jesus name amen. 

Loving you, 

Tanisha Poni πŸ’œ

Look at me

90% of Americans have them. 

Majority of that 90% are multitasking whilst using them. 

30% say they can’t live without it. . . 

Women use it 3 hours more a day than men.. 

You guessed it didn’t you? 

Cell phones. Smart phones. Whichever phone. 

It may seem like those percentages aren’t bad at all considering the modern age we live in and the place technology has taken the entire world these days. 

It’s great at keeping everyone in touch who may be far away..as well as being connected to the entire world wide web. 

As women we have this thing about reading everyone’s story. Seeing their life displayed through pictures, status updates and 40 character spills. I’m certain guys do this too, but it’s not such an important thing to read every single persons post or read all the comments on someone’s picture to them. 

Why do we do this? Why do we feel like our life decisions, accomplishments, transitions etc. are not validated unless it has received some social media love and more than a certain amount of double taps or thumbs up? 

Is it a subtle and unknown film of competition? 


Attention craving? 

How many selfies have we posted up in hopes that it receives a decent amount of likes so we feel better about posting it and get a relief that people aren’t looking at us like we are self centered or something?  

Everything screams three words, “look at me.” 

Look at me. We wouldn’t post up anything if we didn’t want people to look or notice am I right? I mean you could take the 20 pictures of yourself and pick out your favorite ones, edit them to your liking and then just admire you’re own beauty correct? But there’s a desire to be seen. To be noticed. 

To have everyone who follows you to read that you just made a life goal because those “congratulations!” “Good job!” Or “you’re amazing” remarks make us feel like a hero. 

What were we doing to gain this much attention before social media existed? 

When there were no cell phones with Internet.. No texting.. Nothing..

How did we connect? 

Letters in the mail. Conversations in person or on the house phone. We actually looked one another in the eye when we spent time together.. Concretely showing our certificates, diplomas, or achievements. We had no idea about the urge to post every single thing that went on in our lives. 

These days, walking around a mall, grocery store, park, restaurant, coffee shops, birthday parties everyone seems to be wearing the same thing.. A phone in their hand. Heads down. Coming up for the occasional fill in laugh or engagement in the conversation or participation in whatever the event is. 

People relate by sharing funny videos, contemplating the color of a dress, and whatever else has managed to distract us from our daily lives. 

You’re probably wondering why I’m being so blunt about such a topic, especially because my life too has been on social media but I’m just over seeing people distracted from life. 

Walking around watching people neglect their loved ones or friends, potential new friends, all because of a rectangled screen. Giving unlimited access to an illusion of what we all truly crave..connection

It’s time to get out of the screen and into the life around you

Have real quality time. Uninterrupted by alerts, tweets, notifications, texts, etc. 

to look up and actually KNOW who’s in front of you. 

To stop comparing lives with the ones we are shown on social media.

To give our family, friends, children, spouses, relationships all around the attention they deserve. 

Mostly, to pay attention to our ownself. Outside of the media realm.. Be responsible in our daily duties, being healthy, having set out quiet times with Papa the one whom we were created to connect with in the first place..

Albert Einstein once said, ” I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots. ” 

How did he somehow know? I don’t like the idiot thing.. But in regards to choosing technology over precious quality time and depth in our relationships and life, it is idiocy. 

Don’t get sucked in. The people around you are crying, “look at me..” 

Look at you. Look at us. Look at the world outside those screens, break habits of boredom or fill in space and let it go. 

I don’t have a scripture to validate my opinion and I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary.. This is a cause and effect post:

Relationships become obsolete when we are consumed with our phones. 

Take pictures, create memories, of course.. Just don’t be so stuck on showing the entire world your one moment and lose out on the gems called minutes that wait behind them. 

Obviously I’m passionate about this, if I offended any of you that was not my intention for I have done everything in this blog which gives me credibility and experience to write it. πŸ˜‰

Have phones beauty, just don’t let em have you. 

Papa, I am very thankful for technology. To be able to connect with friends and family across the yard and the world. I pray Papa that our relevancy wouldn’t be based on our status approvals, how many likes we get or the friends we have. I pray we would go back to our true place of relevancy which is being a daughter. Being the bow on top of all creation. I pray our relationships would not be neglected, that we wouldn’t miss what’s right in front of us. Help us to look up Abba. May we not forget to spend time with you in the midst of all that goes on around us within these digital realms. After all, you are the best attention giver. 😊 love you, in Jesus name amen. 

Loving you, 

Tanisha Poni πŸ’œ

Mountain climbing

I’ll climb that mountain when I get there.” 

I’m sure most of you have heard this phrase before.. Lately, I’ve been hearing it more often than usual. 

Every now and then we come upon a mountain or notice one instantly pop up before us-obviously metaphorically but, they truly do feel like mountains- and we must figure out how to climb or move them. 

I mentioned before about the condition my mother found out she was in. But, in case you’re just joining me… Breast cancer was the condition. Since I last wrote about it she has undergone surgery to remove the tumor and is now in preparation to start chemo treatments. 

Questions rise up within people who happen to be around us in this season like, “How long does she have to do chemo?”  “Is she going to lose her hair?” Or “How is she doing with all of this?”  For the most part, my mother has taken it piece by piece and not worrying about the next stage until she gets there.. So have I. 

Now, the next mountain is here and it didn’t really strike me til Saturday. Like an epiphany, it wiped out the fact that this isn’t just regular shots she has to take, or pain pills.. This stuff is meant to kill cancer cells. 

Whilst in this epiphany I had two choices: I could stay in the discouraged and frightened state or I could choose to figure out what I need to get myself over this mountain. 

Sunday came along and this verse found me, “The pain you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that’s coming.” (Romans 8:18 paraphrased) 

Pain can’t compare to joy. 

I began to feel a certain stirring within me as if I was being clothed in mountain climbing gear on the inside. 

The promise that we would make it to not only the top of this mountain but over it, became the motivation I needed to even pursue it. 
When you know and fully believe in the joy that’s set before you and who set it for you, will allow mobility in tough seasons. 

The perfect song “I will climb” by Will Reagan and United Pursuit has been on repeat in the boom box of my mind the past three days:  

I know that I can trust you…. I lean not on my own understanding, my life is in the hands of the maker of Heaven… I will climb this mountain with my hands wide open, I will climb this mountain with my hands wide open…there’s nothing I hold onto to..” 

Hands wide open, fully embracing the process, finding the joy in it, letting every negative thing go and journeying on. Confident in the outcome, confident in the strength that has been placed within us, strapped with overflowing joy, and knowing Papa is doing something with this chapter of our story. 

Right now, you may have a mountain to climb, and standing at the bottom of it can seem intimidating. Look beyond it for a moment.. Imagine it conquered, removed, whichever but focus in on the joy that’s coming. 

You can very well do this. 

You CAN very well do this

Whether it’s grabbing hold of that mustard seed sized faith and moving the entire mountain, or being called to climb you are capable. 

It is possible to scrape a knee, to sweat, to need a break to catch your breath, but it’s even more possible to soar to the top after your first step. Peace, joy, faith, and hope will give you wings.. it ain’t red bull. πŸ‘Ž 

So open your eyes, let all the extra weight go, put a smile on, and start climbing you overcomer. Remember to take in the view from the top! 

Papa, I am well aware that you never leave, nor will you plan to in the hardest times. Thank you for being with us every step of the way. For believing in us, for cheering us on. Thank you for your unfailing love and joy. For peace of mind, and power. Mountains will not steal our trust in you nor will our joy be tormented. I fully believe you will turn this all around for the good because we love you. May we have joy, peace, faith, and hope from the beginning to the end. Thank you for what you’re doing, and what you’re going to do. 😊 in Jesus name, amen. 

Loving you, 
Tanisha Poni πŸ’œ

She was fashioned

Last night I did something I normally don’t do, I watched the Oscars.

As I sat there in complete awe of the cinematic industry and the creativity these people have chosen to walk out, I couldn’t help but notice how properly dressed they were. They didn’t show up in rags or comfy lounge clothes, they wore suits and ties, gowns and jewels. All embroidered with some famous designer’s name.

Then it dawned on me…
I’m embroidered with a famous designer’s name.
I was completely fashioned by Him. Piece by piece, from eye color, hair and skin type, to personality traits and everything in between. It brought me to a place of being in awe because it hit me in a way I could understand like never before.

Can you just chew on this for a bit and imagine being FASHIONED by the greatest designer in the entire universe… It’s mind blowing isn’t it?!

In Genesis 2:21-22 it reads, “So the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; then He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh at that place. The LORD God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man.”

Fashioned: planned and made or fashioned artistically.


When God created Adam it says He formed him. (Genesis 2:7)

Formed: having brought parts together or combine to create something.

(Now, before the guys who read this get offended by the obvious difference.. I just want to say you’re a beautiful creation too… In a different way. πŸ˜„)

Fashioned and formed are two completely different approaches to creating. And here we are..

Fashioned. Wow.

Back to the scene of me sitting in awe on my couch watching the oscars and thinking all this.. A question popped up: What am I wearing?

And no, I didn’t look down and sigh at the pajamas I happened to be wearing- at least they were matching though, that’s a rarity- it was more of a spiritual wardrobe question.

What are you wearing?

Being fashioned by Papa it would only be fitting to wear confidence, peace, kindness, love, joy, hope, bravery, boldness, and every other amazing article of His kingdom.

You know what we decide to put on internally(spiritually) will in turn manifest externally(physically/naturally)

We have to start getting dressed inside before we get too concerned with the out.

A woman with low self-esteem can put on revealing clothing and gain attention she craves to drive out this feeling, but at the end of her day she still struggles with a lack of confidence. One day, she could dress up in the most gorgeous gown.. But, if on the inside she isn’t dressed this way (securely confident and loving herself) her outside won’t matter. The feel good feeling would be temporary.

Don’t hear what I’m not saying.. I’m not saying a woman in a gorgeous gown or whatever clothing isn’t beautiful because externally we all are.. I’m just trying to show you the importance of dressing up inside.

When I was growing up I loved picking out my clothes to wear to school, picked em out the night before so I would be on time. I thought I was pretty well dressed. I continued to until the beginning of my sophomore year.
At this time I started to dress however I felt, some days I would feel good and dress the part, but most days I wore sweats a hoodie and sneakers.

I didn’t notice until this past year why that was.. I wasn’t confident. I didn’t have a reason to dress so beautifully because inside I didn’t have that on. Depression and insecurity were heavily draped over me. I only noticed this because my desire to dress differently came strong and I realized it was because of my inward wardrobe change.

-Now I wasn’t in sweats, a hoodie and sneakers this entire 10 years from 16 ok..I had my spurts of dresses in the midst of my go to t-shirt and jeans outfit. But it wasn’t a big thing to me about how I dressed or presented myself to the world.-

When I got married, this brand new confidence came over me. I was confident before and I was even content with myself and my wardrobe.. But it was so different this time. I became so passionate about clothes and fashion that I started reading fashion blogs and hit up Pinterest for ideas. πŸ˜‰

I don’t think it’s a coincidence to desire to be presented well. It’s in our DNA as women. We are His most beautiful creation. His love adorns us!

The other day a few of my friends mentioned the outfits I was wearing in regards to liking them and noticing my “style” and it was super awakening because people are indeed paying attention to what I’m wearing inside and out.

It’s not like I’ve become some super fashion model or anything either, I wasn’t in expensive name brand clothing or formal gowns. I just felt my insides provoke my out. And then others started to take notice.

What are you wearing?

What are you relaying to the world and yourself in the wardrobe of your heart?

Is it time for a heart makeover?

I believe as daughters of the most high king we should be presented as such. We should allow the clothing He has given us access to, to fill our inner closets. All the old overused clothes that may be there still from 5th grade… (Mmhmm, I know you know what I’m talking about) it’s time to throw them out.

His name is indeed embroidered on your very being, dress accordingly. 😊

Papa, I have no idea where we would be nor do I desire to imagine it without you. Thank you for fashioning us as women. The icing on the sweetest cake. Thank you for the clothes you have provided us spiritually. I pray we would begin to choose them daily. To start fresh if we must, but that there would be great consistency in it all. I pray our outward reflection would be manifested beauty from inside. Show us papa what it looks like for daughters to be draped in your amazing love and the confidence that comes with it. I pray for a crazier and bolder confidence to rise up in every single one of us right now and for wisdom on how to steward it well. I love you papa, thank you for life. In Jesus name, amen.

Now get out there sister and re-present His most profound creation.. YOU.

Loving you,
Tanisha Poni πŸ’œ

Love me, love me

Love. Happens to be the word of the month right? Isn’t it crazy though, that love usually describes a majority of things like French fries, family members, friends, our children, husbands, but rarely when love is thought about is it your own face that pops up.

We were brought up in a world that if we thought about ourselves we were considered selfish and then it would be proved in the word-bible- that self love is evil. Obviously, if you’re all about yourself and could care less about anyone else around you that’s ugly.. But, loving yourself and thinking of yourself is not evil. Or selfish.

Let’s get into this then:

Do you like yourself?
Do you love yourself?

Did you know that if you answered, “no” or “not fully” to either question it could be the root to many other problems or issues you may be facing?

Because if it isn’t rooted in love… It’s rooted in the opposite. Which is always related to fear.

Mark 12:31 gives us the second greatest commandment from Jesus himself, “love your neighbor as yourself.

This is the only place in scripture that is the closest to saying, “love yourself” and notice he didn’t even make it as a prerequisite to loving others or say these were the three greatest commandments.. He said first, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.

If we truly loved God in that way I think He believed we would be able to reflect the love He has given us and be able to love ourselves well and then in turn love our neighbors as ourselves.

I honestly don’t feel we do though. Sure we love ourselves, but it’s conditional. No mercy, grace, forgiveness, and then we end up loving people around us with this same love. When it should be at a standard that Papa loves from.

If you don’t have love how can you give it? If it’s to a certain measure it’s given at a certain measure even if you’re thinking you love greatly and you probably do, but it can be greater still.

So what is loving yourself? ask yourself to answer this from your actual reality, don’t sugar coat it with all the right things to say if that’s not how you truly feel, get vulnerable.. Just because you may know the truth doesn’t mean it has become your reality yet.

(Each one of us has a different definition of what this may look like because we are all DIFFERENT. So if you find your definition looking outcast don’t freak out.. It’s actually good to figure out what you believe and why instead of jumping on bandwagon beliefs and really have no backing to the why. Understand? 😊)

To me, it’s being thankful and appreciative of who you are, how you look and who He’s created you to be. As well as, making sure you’re taking care of you in every area.

You see love requires action here, it’s not some thing you’re trying to get. It’s an action expressed to others through your living.

Ok you’ve answered what your definition to what loving yourself is, now I want to ask:

HOW do you love yourself? What’s the normal action taken behind your definition?

I’ve taken the liberty to write down a list of a general “how to” but still yours could be more personalized according to you.. This is just a basic skeleton of how to love yourself:

* Make sure you have a solid connection with your source of love Papa..

– You were made by love, from love and for love. Spending time with Him helps you connect more to yourself because in those time He usually reveals something He loves about you and how could you not end up loving the same thing in response? The more you draw closer to Him the more transformation happens to take place (within the areas that are hard for you to accept and love about yourself)

* Take care of your body, your finances, your personal space and your time.

– eating right and exercising alone will make you love yourself because of the crazy effect eating healthy has- try it, eat something not so healthy and watch how you feel afterwards, mostly you’ll feel like a slob and contemplate if you’re good enough for whatever reason. Then try eating something fresh and healthy and afterwards you feel energized, happy and confident, it’s true.- feed yourself well.

-getting the right amount of sleep and the endorphins that get released from working out. Are equally important having same effects as good on you.

– financially stable people tend to love themselves more because they feel less stressed and pressured with bills and other financial responsibilities. I know we happen to love shopping, but let’s not allow that label of taking all of daddy’s money or our spouses to hinder our financial breakthrough or freedom in being responsible stewards with our money.

– taking care of your personal space and time is vital. If you tend to run late or are disorganized in your time you relay this sense that you aren’t worthy enough to be taken care of in these areas. When you respect your time and other people’s time and space you show yourself worthiness.

* get around loving people.

– people who will not only champion you in loving yourself but love themselves and you makes the love in the atmosphere sticky.. And it will end up all over you. Which may cause a shift in perspective of yourself.

* Do what you love.

-work takes up a big part of your day. Sometimes it may be working with others or it may be just a small office alone.. Or working from home as a housewife, babysitter or mother. If you are not loving what you constantly have in your daily routine you will have a dreadful feeling. Doing what you love or finding a way to love what you are currently maybe seasonally doing will prove yourself worthy and feeling loved once again.

* create a balance in your schedule.

-it can’t be all work and no play or all play and no work.
Which stinks cause we’d like to play all day for money but that’s not how it works ha. Even in busy schedules make time for YOU. And the things you want to pursue.

You have to take the lead in loving yourself aside from Papa. If you expect others to make you feel loved while you’re abandoning your own self.. It’ll never be enough.. Even Papa’s love. Yes that’s true. If you can’t love yourself in some level it will be harder to receive the Father’s love.

Learning to take responsibility in loving yourself, fills you up with the capacity to receive His love and in turn give it away.

A couple scriptures about how Papa loves us and sees us:

You’re the apple of his eye. Psalm 17:8 when he looks at you.. You’re all He sees.

“You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.” Song of Solomon‬ ‭4‬:‭7‬ (my all time favorite scripture) I would sit there in my moments of not being comfortable enough with loving myself and would repeat this scripture over and over and by just the third or fifth time I was in tears because it became more real to me how much papa thought I was flawless. And how much He loved me.

Suggestion: Read all of Song of Solomon. Study it because it does have interesting comparisons but, it’s insanely romantic and so beautifully written. It makes me cry because that’s how much He loves us and sees us.

To Him.. We are perfect.

I want to take a moment right now to allow some breakthrough to take place..

I want you to write down what you’re uncomfortable loving about yourself, whether it be physical, a characteristic or ANYTHING dealing with you. Write it down. Don’t be “christianically” correct either, if it’s there write it down.

Don’t move on in reading this until you’ve done so…

**breakthrough intermission**

When you’re finished read it.

Not one of you has an empty paper.. There are realities written on those pages.. Even if it’s the smallest thing.

Now, I want you to begin to pray for your ears, eyes, hearts and minds to be attentive to what Abba is saying.. And ask Him what His response is to this list of things or the one thing. Be patient, quiet your mind and listen. Begin to write His response to you on the same piece of paper.. And when you’re done save it. Re-read it. As many times as you have moments where it is a needed reminder.

We are all still growing daily. No one said we had to have it all together now. If anyone tells you they do, I’d be careful in trusting them ha. But honestly, we are well on our way. Pursue what it looks like to love you. 😊

Papa, thank you for love. For being love. You’re the greatest love we could’ve ever encountered. I pray we would come into a greater understanding and knowing about how to love ourselves to better be able to receive the love you have for us and to be able to give that love away. May your voice be the loudest one we hear. The voice of truth.. You are it all. Without you love doesn’t exist. Thank you Abba for you. In Jesus name, amen.

Loving you,
Tanisha Poni πŸ’œ

Love deeply

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner..

Isn’t it odd that Valentine’s Day is the only day of the year to where you’re obligated to love? Other than the typical “love stinks” crowd (who really don’t think such lies and are actually in need of love)

Honestly though, the whole “flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep” bit is overrated if it isn’t love all around. Furthermore, love is way too big to be squished in a small 24hr day.

So, why then do we do the cute little cards, gifts, fancy dinners, and everything else with our husbands, boyfriends, friends, family, etc solely on this day? (If you do this more than once a year this does not apply to you..lol)

When’s the last time we loved, like I mean L O V E D deeper than the mirage of all the love money can buy?

When’s the last time you wrote a letter.. Hand written letter to someone whether it be a love letter or an encouraging reminder to a friend?

When’s the last time you paid more attention to the details of what someone’s desires were, to gift that to them on a random day and not just Valentine’s Day?

When’s the last time you actually did what you said you’d do, right when you said you’d do it for someone who asked.. Instead of putting it on the to-do list for later and wind up forgetting?

When’s the last time you loved deeply?

We as women thrive off love do we not? I mean all the small things totally matter: The encouraging words from our best friend, the fact that our spouse or bf noticed we did something different with our hair or makeup, the cute thoughtful gift that someone gave us simply because it reminded them of us, pure quality time without interruption of cell phones or whatever else, good conversation, etc.

All of that is love. But love is deeper still.

Remember that friend who may or may not have known they hurt you?

Remember that family member who said some things that weren’t the sweetest?

Remember your spouse who may have forgotten to take out the garbage again?

All these random issues and opportunities to love deeper rise up daily, but most of the time we allow ourselves to think selfishly and choose to be offended if WE aren’t the ones being loved deeply -after all “THEY did it” right? –

Trust me I am learning this along with you, but it wouldn’t leave my heart to write about today. I told the Lord I was unqualified for it, to which He replied, “Are you saying I don’t know what I’m doing?

Before I said , “that’s not what I meant..” (I mean obviously Papa doesn’t hold onto offense) I knew what He meant.. In my feeling unqualified He already knew I would feel that way and yet He still put it on my heart to write about.. And chose to champion me in an area that isn’t doctorate degree sealed.

That love is deep.

In 1 Peter 4:8 it speaks of the benefits of such love,
Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

I like how it reads in the message bible,
“Most of all, love each other as if your life depended on it…”

As if your life depended on it. It’s funny because our life actually does depend on love, being loved, and loving.

Without it what is life?

People constantly beg for a cure in this world, for world peace, no more hatred, no more crime, no more disconnect, etc.

Every single being living on this earth needs one vital thing above food and breath to stay alive, LOVE.

This isn’t some feel good, candy coated rainbows type of message, because when you truly love deep you notice it takes a sacrifice of some kind. Sometimes, it does hurt because love on the other end may not be going through the same filter we have, in which it couldn’t be reciprocated.. But that’s not why we love.

We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

We can’t sit here in a judge seat with the huge oversized robe and point out who is worthy of our love and who isn’t. That judge seat isn’t ours and clearly the robe isn’t either.

If we wanted people to get what they deserve (completely outside of justice-consequences do come with action/sin-) after hurting us or whatever have you… Then when we, being human, sometimes fail someone, we would get what we deserved… Or worse.. If we got what we deserved before Jesus.

If we cried out to God about the fact that so and so being undeserving of goods or love, I’m certain He isn’t agreeing with you. Possibly He would ask, “I presume then you’d like what you deserve?

Ouch. He wouldn’t be talking about a cute fluffy stuffed animal or feel good words of affirmation either.

Love isn’t selfish. (1 Corinthians 13:5)

Want a beautiful life where everyone gets along and there’s no drama or anything negative in your little corner of the world? It’s going to cost you something..

You’re going to have to be willing to love..deeply.

Ponder on it all. Write down ideas of what loving deeply may look like to Papa, better yet, ask Him what it would look like for ::insert your name here:: to love deeply -to be more personal.

We were made by love, from love, and for love. Every single one of us.

Fact: I have a reminder on my phone that goes off daily around 1pm and it asks this, “Are you loving well today?
– most days I can answer that I am, and then some days pop up where I dislike that I put that in my phone period because it’s hard in the moment. But I did it so I could challenge myself in this. I desire to leave this world with my love as my legacy. I have yet to be able to say this is me 100% of the time but my desire is there. The gentle reminder helps me a lot. If something like this would work for you.. Go for it!

Great heroines were known for their love of something.. My favorite though is Mother Teresa. She fully embodied what it looked like to love deeply. Look up some of her quotes, read a story about her life, it’s incredible. She’s my favorite because it shows me it’s possible to love that much, and has fueled my desire to go after it.

So great heroine, what’s it gonna be?

Papa, thank you for first loving us. For choosing us before the world was ever created, for the ultimate price you paid just so you could have us near. Even the sprinkle of love that we are discovering is overwhelming. I pray Papa that we would honor you in this, that we too would take after you and love deeply, courageously and furiously. Help us to know what that looks like in each of us individually, and spark the desire to do so. We love because you first loved us, may we not forget that gift. Thank you Abba, in Jesus name amen.

Loving you..deeply,
Tanisha Poni πŸ’œ